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As more interest has been shown in reading rather than having a go at Creative Writing it has been decided to form a Book Group instead.

For some, "A Tale of Two Cities" was an introduction to an unabridged edition of Dickens' great work and his own favourite.  It was written over a year in weekly instalments. which explains the abrupt endings to some chapters. In discussion we learned more about the man himself; this was enlightening and added to ones admiration for the author of such a large body of work of enduring popularity and veneration.

All agreed that it's a great story, the long list of strong characters required concentration on the part of the reader. Lucie (of the blue eyes and golden curls) was actually made of sterner stuff than her role at first suggested; she had a warm heart, was loyal, hard-working and her bravery was tested in many terrible ways.  However, her character is left to the reader's imagination because she
 is only portrayed in a supporting, though key, role." 
The descriptions of the poverty in towns and villages in both France and England were based on research and personal experience and at the time there was a real fear that revolution would cross the Channel.


Meetings held:

Once a month Thursday afternoon

Next meeting:  Thursday 2 May
Exception only 3 weeks since last meeting.


Venue:  Nick's home

Book for discussion:

April:  '
Book: "The Life of Pi" - Jann Martel (Man Booker Price winner 2002)

It's always worth reading the book even if you've seen the film!.

May:  book choice to be decided

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