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As more interest has been shown in reading rather than having a go at Creative Writing it has been decided to form a Book Group instead.

The book for October was "The Citadel" (1937) by A.J.Cronin who died in 1981 after a life time spent in medicine and as a writer of 23 books.  It is largely autobiographical and is the story of a doctor's life and of how the medical profession was organised before the NHS.  

As we read about the poverty of the south Wales' mining villages and move on to the affluent society of London the book is a reminder of how much has changed since those days when everyone had to pay for medical treatment.  In the field of research into respiratory diseases suffered by coal miners much is owed to Cronin and his pioneering friends as described in this book.  Read, learn, and be grateful.

"Suffolk Summer". The group is sharing one copy. For those who delight in researching subjects on the web it is still obtainable from America at considerable cost. So here's a challenge - browse secondhand bookshops for another copy.  Always a good thing to do, anyway!

Meetings held once a month on Thursday or Friday afternoon 2 pm.

New members welcome.  Contact tel. no. on the new programme.

The choices for November and December are about travel and discovery. 

Next meeting: Friday 8th November 2 pm 
Venue: Anne's home.

Book: "Down Under" by  Bill Bryson (2000) charts the author's travels in  Australia.  Easy reading, full of facts.

Following month: meeting on Friday 6th December 2 pm
Venue: to be confirmed.
Book: "Suffolk Summer" by John Appleby (1948) an American airman based near Bury St.Edmunds who developed a love of the County,  that he discovered by bicycle, and a passion for brass rubbing.

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