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As more interest has been shown in reading rather than having a go at Creative Writing it has been decided to form a Book Group instead.

There were two books to discuss at the September meeting.
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Doors Open"
The first, written about 1830 as a historical novel about the 15th century, is a long, complicated read; none of the group had managed to read it all the way through.  When published it was a great success and Hugo was hailed as a literary genius.  Dickens' books were published in serial form whereas Hugo's novel came out as a whole;  he researched the life and times of 200 years previously extensively; nonetheless it is also, in his own words, a work of "imgination".

The modern novel of Ian Rankin was an easy read.  All agreed it was an ingenious plot and the characters, good and bad, were well described and believable. The tension was well built up right from the  prologue that set the scene and kept the reader wondering who was who and how the story would end.  Comments included " Written like a film script"    "the characters had a love of paintings but a lack of scruples"   "A story of greed"   The story ends with a cliff-hanger and afforded the group the opportunity to speculate on the outcome of this "heist within a heist".  

Meetings held:

Once a month Thursday afternoon

Next meeting: Thursday 3rd October at 2 p,m 
New members welcome.  Contact tel. no. on the new programme.


Rugman's home.

Book for brief discussion:- "The Citadel" by A.J.Cronin.  The story of a doctor working in south Wales before the

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