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Newtown  Film  Appreciation

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The group met yesterday at Nick's home.  The film we saw was 'In The Heat of the Night' starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger.

In the Deep South, homicide detective Virgil Tibbs (Poitier) becomes embroiled in a murder investigation.  When the bigoted town sheriff (Steiger) gets  involved both he and Tibbs must put aside their differences and join forces in a race against time to discover the shocking truth.

This film won Best Picture Award in 1967.  The two leading actors gave wonderful performances and we sat throughout, on the edge of our seats waiting for the racial tensions to erupt but despite the deplorable way  that every black person in the town was treated the film  ended  reasonably happily for everyone except the corpse!

We meet on the last Wednesday in the month at
each members' house.
The films chosen are those that do NOT regularly appear on the various television channels and which have a decent story and/or have an innovative content.

The next showing will be
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