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Newtown Environment and Climate Change Group

For further information about Newtown U3A or any of the groups please contact: secretary@newtownu3a.co.uk

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Members of U3A are all welcome to join the activities of  the groups.  Contact details of leaders are given in the Programme of Events.

The Group was set up in December 2019 with 10 members.

There are other local (non U3A ) climate and environment groups who are researching best practice to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint on an individual and community level.

Rather than replicate their activities we have decided to monitor both analysis and proposals at a UK Government level and also at devolved levels, ie the Welsh Assembly.

Since Climate change is very much at the forefront of media activity we have decided to focus on that and leave other environmental issues for a later date.

What we have seen to date is that historical recommendations have been ignored by legislators, and that practice continues today.

Our focus is to challenge that failure.

climate Courtesy of Fernando Garcia Vicario @thatknowinglook.com

Meetings held every other week at the Tesco cafe in Newtown (free parking).

Thursday 5th March 2020         10 am.

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